Sonya Mcvay-Straub


Sonya McVay-Straub, MP,  is a certified ART (Active Release Techniques), NKT (NeuroKinetic Therapy), AiM (Anatomy in Motion), PMT (Performance Movement Taping by RockTape), and ICT (Integrated Cranial Therapy) provider. She is also a certified master Pilates Instructor and a PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) and NKT credentialing author and continuing education provider. ART is a clinical soft tissue therapy system used to treat pathologies and/or movement restriction with muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Alongside manual therapy, she specializes in Neuro-Gate, functional/movement assessment, sports injuries, spinal pathologies, "special-populations" and post-treatment exercise. Her practice combines multiple methods and provides incredible results. Her clients include internationally competitive athletes (Ferrari's Racing team), professional baseball players, both pro golfers and tennis players, triathletes, cyclists, PTSD patients, competitive marathoners,  IronMan/ToughMudder and Spartan athletes, avid and competitive CrossFitters, Olympic lifters, business executives, chronic pain patients, senior citizens, and youth. 


  • Finding the source of a mechanical problem and correcting the movement dysfunction

  • Teaching patients self-awareness to facilitate healing

  • Making quality time in a clinical setting the new normal for sports medicine/Getting to know every patient who walks in the door


  • Gary Ward, "What The Foot"

  • David Weimstock "Neurokinetic Therapy"


"Hold the Vision, Trust the Process." -Unknown

More about me

When I was much younger, I was able to travel around the world quite a bit. During my stay in a small village in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, I was given the task of caring abundantly for several severely disabled children. Once a week, the children, most of whom were wheelchair bound or suffered from major spinal deformities received manual manipulation. The difference in their spirits after receiving treatment has always had a profound impact on me. As a competitive athlete with a degree in Theology, I did not set out in life passionate about bodies. However, my deep love for people and drive to win ignited my passion for anatomy, trauma induced sports injury,  biomechanics, neuro-biomechanics and exercise. I do what I do because I care about people. I am committed to providing my clients care-forward expertise.

My husband and partner Philip Straub, is an avid horseman, trainer, marksman, federal ranger and USMC combat veteran. Together, we are committed to serve and treat any US military veteran free of charge within the clinic. And we have since we opened the doors.