This work invites and creates better physical movement patterns and habits. It asks Fitness Rx clients to RECLAIM their bodies. 


about the practice

We offer comprehensive range of motion and movement rehabilitation. Clients include internationally competitive athletes (Ferrari's Racing team), professional baseball players, both pro golfers and tennis players, triathletes, cyclists, PTSD patients, competitive marathoners, IronMan/ToughMudder and Spartan athletes, avid and competitive CrossFitters, Olympic lifters, business executives, chronic pain patients, senior citizens, and youth.


THE Mission

We are committed to create a new culture in the way our bodies are traditionally cared for. We believe there is a gap between trainer and clinician. Fitness Rx is bridging that gap. We cannot continue to worsen our dysfunction with poor workouts or "fix" dysfunction with medicine. We need to stand up and learn how to move freely.


  • First appointment and assessment | this is the opportunity to assess your needs and recommend a personalized approach to treatment

  • Ongoing ART/AIM/Movement Therapy/Sports Performance and/or treatment | based on your personalized assessment, we will work towards resolving your issue in each session

  • Infrared Cold Laser | treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue and is thought to help accelerate the healing process


  • Post-ART | after resolving the issue, we will work together to strengthen and stabilize/mobilize your body into self-care

  • Kineseology/Performance movement taping | Taping permits mobilization, inspiring pain-free active movement. Taping has shown to be effective at reducing pain, improving balance and gait, and instability.



"What are your movement habits? It took a habit to make that pattern. It's going to take a habit to break that pattern." - Greg Cook



"How many clients do you have? One. The one I'm with." - Steve Hardison



“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” - Unknown