When Sonya McVay opened Fitness Rx in 2014, she immediately began treating combat veterans free of charge. Four short years later, through community support and demonstrated need, Sonya McVay-Straub  established The Post Traumatic Stress Fitness & Rehabilitation Clinic, a 501c3 non-profit organization. The Clinic currently operates alongside Fitness Rx at the Tone Fitness Studio in Downtown Santa Rosa, CA, where it is committed to treating any US Armed Forces Veterans, and trauma survivors free of charge. The PTS Fitness & Rehabilitation Clinic’s multiple military recognition awards alongside it's stand for other trauma survivors are a testament to its outstanding local, national and international service. 

The Clinic was named “PTS Fitness & Rehabilitation Clinic” as we believe Post Traumatic Stress to be a significant and often overlooked factor when treating pain and movement dysfunction.. The Post Traumatic Stress Fitness & Rehabilitation Clinic’s vision is to foster a space for fitness and performance rehabilitation acknowledging the neurological change within PTSD as its container.

“We've treated countless survivors that are severely affected by Post Traumatic Stress. These survivors generally do not seem aware of the links between the nervous system and sports injury.  Traditional medicine often discounts the body as the bad-ass survivor that it is. The radical muscular skeletal changes that occur in order to survive during high alert must be reprogrammed into the nervous system post trauma.  Otherwise, your system will simply continue to maintain survival in that stead-fast manner. Structurally, both overly-facilitated musculoskeletal and nervous systems will cause injury and inhibit functional movement patterns. In the same way, some bodies survive via neuro shut-down, which can also wreak havoc. Many of our clients have been told by traditional medical providers that they are imagining the issue and we are here to say: No, you’re not. At The Post Traumatic Stress Fitness & Rehabilitation Clinic, we have gathered experts in this field and created a space to rehabilitate within this truth and acknowledge what’s going on.” -Sonya

Sonya McVay-Straub is the owner and founder of Fitness Rx, a movement rehabilitation clinic that has been open to the public since 2014. Philip Straub, is an avid horseman, trainer, marksman, federal ranger and USMC veteran. The PTS Fitness & Rehabilitation Clinic is currently seeking additional Federal Grants and donations from local businesses and private individuals. To make a charitable donation, please contact sonya@fitnessrx.org


“Over the past several years a catch phrase has emerged in regards to veterans who have contributed to the American cause, “Thank you for your service,” or some nice line with the connotation at its core. Almost everyone that says it really means it and you can tell who those individuals are … In the personage of one Sonya McVay-Straub I have found a tender and caring powerhouse of a woman. Her resume should impress anyone in the field of helping and healing the human body. Her knowledge reaches beyond many fields related to treatment and healing because her expertise is founded on the premise of integration. Sonya has found her calling and it feeds her, what has become Sonya’s good fortune is a blessing to those of us who have the great pleasure of sharing her day with her, then leaving her treatment room I can turn around and thank her for her service.

Sonya is utterly and completely dedicated to working with veterans. The first time I had the opportunity to work with Sonya she told me that she treats veterans for free and I was shocked. Then I found out how marvelous she is with her skill set. Now I am as committed to her as a source for my healing as she is to the health and welfare of veterans.”

—William, Santa Rosa, CA

For more information, please contact Sonya McVay-Straub at ironcorehealth@gmail.com