“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.” - Kevin Trudeau

At Fitness RX, we analyze injury, neurological pathways, and subsequent movement patterns through an extensive clinical assessment. We have more than twenty years of combined experience studying movement and treating soft tissue disorders quickly to get your body back to peak performance.

Fitness RX professionals use information gained through our clinical assessment and subsequent therapy to further the rehabilitation process using innovative rehabilitative techniques in partnership with functional strengthening and movement sessions.

Our unique rehabilitation model bridges high-level sports medicine with functional fitness strengthening that has proven results; the professional athlete, Ironman Champion, First Responder, Veteran, Youth, Cancer Survivor, and men and women who have grappled with bodies that break down can all attest to results experienced at Fitness RX (please read their experiences in our Testimonials section).

We ask our patients to accept their bodies, injuries, and even their disease; we also ask that they become warriors and challenge their bodies to usher a new day!

      "Hold the vision. Trust the process”.



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